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C-TAC Mk12 SPR AI Cyclone Impact Grenade
New Product Testimonials
Lucid L36S
Lucid L36S $219.99 Good starter gun

This gun is great as a starter level gun as very little to no matainence is needed. It's FPS will drop off over time though. Mine is just over 2 years old and has dropped from 375fps, to around 345 now. I reccomend replacing the spring after a year or two. This gun can compete with other higher end guns, but doesn't have the accuracy to play a DMR style role and is too long to play CQB. Overall a ...

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King Arms FN FAL Carbine
King Arms FN FAL Carbine $449.99 An excellent but often overlooked AEG.

I purchased mine over a year ago and was immediately impressed with the quality. Over the past year, I've found it to be reliable and unique on the field. Another plus is that the gearboxes do not need upgrading, as they come with full metal internal parts and bushings, so the only required maintenance is cleaning and lubrication. My only complaint is with the magazines, which are unique to the KA...

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